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Mod Installer 'N' General Enabler

Minge is a tool for Carmageddon: Reincarnation to install, manage and package CarMODgeddon mods.


* Manage which mods are active in CarMODgeddon mode.

* Automatically create the necessary folder structure and config file for CarMODgeddon.

* Drag & Drop support for installing Mods.

* Package Mods with additional metadata for Minge to use.

* Automatic conversion of TDX textures to IMG format

* Automatically fix HUD Damage Indicator


Install & Setup:
1: Unpack to some folder somewhere
2: Run Minge.exe
3: Direct the game to your Carmageddon: Reincarnation folder

Installing Mods:
1: Run Minge
2: Drag your Mod's ZAD file on top of Minge's window

Enabling & Disable Mods:
1: Tick or untick the Mods you wish to enable or disable from the Vehicles, Levels or Wheels panels
2: Click save.
3: Start the game in CarMODgeddon mode and use your mods.


Current Version:

Version History

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